At Assyafaah Mosque, we have several roles available for volunteers. Join us as a volunteer today.

Technical Support

Audio visual technicians set up, operate, maintain and repair equipment used to enhance events, such as microphones, video recorders, projectors, lighting and sound mixing equipment.

Operate amplifiers, coordinate graphics used in displays and provide technical support. Technicians may also edit, copy and store videotapes and DVDs, track inventory of equipment and order supplies.

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Event Support

Support our community events such as Programme Keluarga Syifa’ where the mosque builds trust with seniors to reduce social isolation.

Your role includes providing activities for seniors within the cluster to encourage healthy community living, prevent social isolation and provide basic spiritual education. Volunteers can also participate in the many events that the mosque organises adhoc.

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Imam / Bilal

The Imam should know and understand the Quran, and be able to recite it correctly and beautifully to lead congregants in prayer. The Imam may also serve as a member of the larger leadership team in a Muslim community..

As a respected member of the community, the Imam’s counselling may be sought in personal or religious matters. One may ask him for spiritual advice, help with a family issue, or in other times of need.

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Marketing Communications

If you are knowledgable regarding the ins and outs of social media, video production or photography then this role is for you. You will produce content to promote Assyafaah Mosque’s brand, activities or products.

You will act as a liaison between the mosque, the public, and the media to ensure that the brand remains top of mind.

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As a housekeeping volunteer, you might be performing heavy cleaning duties, such as cleaning floors, washing walls and glass panels, removing rubbish and cleaning debris from sidewalk.

Duties may include performing routine maintenance activities, notifying management of need for repairs, and maintaining gardens around the mosque.

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